Find out more about Private Plate Trader

I am a Private Plate Collector who owns all of the Plates on this site. I have created a site where you can part exchange, swap, buy or sell plates.

The website is here for anyone who does not want to sell on auction sites and pay ever increasing fees. As I am the owner of the plates on the site there are no 3rd parties involved.

More about the site:

  • Plates can be exchanged with cash either way
  • There is a guaranteed response within 24 hours – available via telephone, text or email
  • The process is easy to follow by filling in the form attached to the number plate you want to part exchange, swap, sell or buy.
  • All retention certificates have between 1 to 10 years (enquire about the number of years left if you are keeping for future transfer)
  • Transfers can be done for you
  • The site works not purely on the value – there may be a Private Plate you have which I want regardless of the value.
  • Want more than 1 Private Plate? No problem. You can swap 1 plate for 2 of mine or 1 plate for 100 of mine. There is no limit as long as you have a Private Plate I want.
  • If ordered before 12pm certificate will be sent out same day